Wedding floor decals

● Large format roll stock designed for the wedding floor decal market
● White substrate, matte texture, super high non-slip
● Super high-viscosity Removable glue, firm and non-slip
● Support solvent, UV, ECO, Latex, and other ink printing
● Quick-drying after printing, the color is natural and the pattern is clear
● Waterproof and sunscreen, can be used on both indoor and outdoor occasions


Wedding floor decals are a large format printable non-slip vinyl roll specially designed for the wedding floor decal market. The surface of the Wedding floor decals product is a white printable layer with a non-slip matte texture on the surface.


The matte layer on the surface of Wedding floor decals supports printing with solvent, ECO, UV, Latex, and other inks, and the ink dries quickly after printing, so it can be put into use as quickly as possible; whether it is a wedding company buying in bulk for printing or a family purchase Personalized customized printing can be used without picky printing machines.


The back of Wedding floor decals is equipped with high-viscosity removable adhesive, which can be pasted on most floor materials, such as tile floors, marble floors, wooden floors, and so on. And to meet different wedding floor decal patterns, Wedding floor decals use a removable adhesive, which is highly viscous and removable. It can ensure firm adhesion and can be used in the short to medium term. When disassembling Wedding floor decals, it will not There is glue remaining on the ground, which causes a safety hazard.


Wedding floor decals are a cost-effective way to add a personal touch to a wedding venue without breaking the bank. Compared to other decor options, such as lighting or floral arrangements, wedding floor decals are relatively inexpensive.

Easy to Install

Wedding floor decals are easy to install and can be done quickly without the need for professional installation. With simple instructions and a few tools, anyone can install a wedding floor decal.


Unlike traditional wedding decor, such as flowers or drapery, wedding floor decals do not take up valuable floor space or obstruct guests' views. They are a non-invasive way to add a touch of creativity and personality to the wedding venue.

Photo Opportunities

Wedding floor decals provide a unique and fun backdrop for photos, whether it's the wedding party or guests taking selfies. They can create a memorable and Instagram-worthy moment that guests will love to share.

Directional Signage

Wedding floor decals can also serve a practical purpose by providing directional signage or marking the dance floor area. This helps to guide guests to different areas of the venue and creates a smooth flow of traffic throughout the event.
There are many applications for wedding floor decals. Wedding floor decals can not only be used as wedding floor decals, but also as dance floor decals, office floor decals, shopping malls, and so on. K2 can also provide decal materials that can be pasted on asphalt roads, please consult the K2 salesperson for details.


Adhesive Features Permanent/Transparent
Application Surface Matte
Color Family White
Film thickness 220mic
Liner 140g/m² paper
Film Type Roll
Ink Solvent, ECO, UV
Interior/Exterior Exterior, Interior
Overall Length 50m/100m
Overall Width 1.27m/1.37m/1.52m
Product Color White
Product Usage Interior, Floor decals, Wall wrap, Vehicles
Service Life 1-3 years
Packing Carton/pallet
Shipping method By sea/air/land
Width 1.37 / 1.52m *50meter. (54/ 60* 150ft)


Large Format White Printable Vinyl Roll
Ultra-tacky, removable adhesive, removable adhesive-free floor decal material
Support solvent, ECO, UV, Latex, and other ink printing
Waterproof material, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
High-viscosity glue, suitable for most ground materials
Often used in wedding floor decals, dance studio floor decals, and more

Wedding floor graphics     Floor graphic vinyl
                      Wedding floor graphics                                                                    Floor graphic vinyl

Floor decals     Floor graphics for wedding
                              Floor decals                                                                          Floor graphics for wedding


Usage area

Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding floor decals can be used to mark the aisle or create a custom backdrop for the wedding ceremony. This adds a personal touch and creates a memorable photo opportunity.

Wedding Receptions

Wedding floor decals can be used to mark the dance floor area or provide directional signage for guests. They can also be used to create a custom photo booth backdrop or add a personal touch to the bar or dessert table.

Bridal Showers

Wedding floor decals can be used to decorate the bridal shower venue and create a festive atmosphere. They can be used to mark the gift table or create a custom photo booth backdrop.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Wedding floor decals can be used to decorate the party venue and create a fun and festive atmosphere. They can be used to mark the bar area or create a custom dance floor decal.

Engagement Parties

Wedding floor decals can be used to mark the engagement party venue and create a celebratory atmosphere. They can be used to create a custom photo booth backdrop or mark the gift table.


Removal Restrictions

While most wedding floor decals are removable, some may damage the floor or leave a residue if not removed properly. It is important to follow the vendor's instructions for removal to avoid damage to the floor.

Use on Clean Floors Only

Wedding floor decals should only be applied to clean floors free of any dirt, debris, or moisture. Any debris or moisture can cause the decal to peel or bubble.

Proper Installation

Wedding floor decals should be installed according to the vendor's instructions. Improper installation can lead to air pockets, bubbles, or uneven adhesion.

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How to buy

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What are wedding floor decals?

Wedding floor decals are vinyl graphics that are applied to the floor of a wedding venue to create a custom design or message.

How do you apply wedding floor decals?

To apply a wedding floor decal, clean the surface thoroughly, peel the backing off the decal, and carefully apply it to the floor. Smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles with a squeegee or credit card.

Are wedding floor decals removable?

Yes, most wedding floor decals are removable without damaging the floor. However, it is important to follow the vendor's instructions on how to remove the decal without leaving any residue.

Are wedding floor decals safe for the floor?

Yes, most wedding floor decals are made from vinyl material that is safe for most types of flooring, including hardwood, tile, and carpet.

How far in advance should you order wedding floor decals?

It is recommended to order wedding floor decals at least 2-3 weeks in advance to ensure timely delivery and allow for any customization requests.

Can wedding floor decals be used outdoors?

Yes, some wedding floor decals are designed for outdoor use, but it is important to check with the vendor first to ensure that the material and adhesive are suitable for outdoor conditions.

What are some popular wedding floor decal designs?

Popular wedding floor decal designs include monograms, wedding hashtags, directional signage, dance floor decals, and romantic quotes or phrases.

What is the maximum width of Wedding floor decals material?

K2 supports customization of coil widths of different sizes, and the standard width of the product is 1.37m or 1.52m

What printer can print Wedding floor decals?

Whether it is household or commercial solvent, UV, ECO, Latex, and other printing machines can print.

Is K2 a factory or a dealer?

K2 is a raw material factory, so the quality of the products is excellent, and the price is excellent, which is very competitive in the market.

How about the quality of Wedding floor decals?

K2 has more than ten years of manufacturing experience and more than forty quality management standards. We are responsible for quality issues.

How about the product packaging of Wedding floor decals during transportation?

We use super-imported AB corrugated boxes, which can withstand overweight pressure to ensure that the goods will not be damaged or damp during transportation.

How to buy it?

Contact the K2 sales team via email/phone/live chat tools etc. on the website. The K2 team will give you feedback within 8 hours.