Printable reflective film

● Large format high reflectivity printable self-adhesive reflective film material roll
● Support solvent, ECO, UV, Latex, and other printing methods
● Comes with transparent super high viscosity removable glue/permanent glue
● Soft PVC material, the service life can reach 3-7 years
● Waterproof material can be used on both indoor and outdoor walls
● It can be used as road warning sign material, vehicle wrapping reflective material


Printable reflective film is a roll of printable high-tack reflective display material with high reflectivity. This kind of printable reflective vinyl consists of a 3-7 year Glass-bead Reflective sheet, permanent solvent adhesive with PE coating silicon paper liner.


High Reflectivity

The printable reflective film has a high level of reflectivity, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. The material is made up of glass beads that can quickly reflect small light from any direction and display printed patterns. This high level of reflectivity ensures that the printed message or image is visible even in low-light conditions, making it an excellent choice for warning signs and traffic signage.
The reflective structure used by the printable reflective film is glass beads, and K2 also has reflective material rolls based on hexagonal microprism technology. Both reflective technologies have their advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the appropriate reflective material according to the application occasion and your situation. If you don't know how to select a suitable light-emitting material, you can click the communication pop-up window on the right, and K2's salesman will answer you online.

Durable Material

Printable reflective film is made of PVC material that is highly wear-resistant, which means it can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. The material can withstand exposure to rain, wind, and other environmental factors without losing its reflective properties or fading. This durability ensures that the signage remains effective and visible for a long time, even in challenging outdoor environments.


Printable reflective film is highly waterproof, which ensures that the printed message or image remains visible even in wet conditions. The material can withstand exposure to rain and other environmental factors without losing its reflective properties or fading. This feature makes it an excellent choice for outdoor signage that needs to be visible in all weather conditions.

Printable Surface

The printable reflective film has a printable surface that can support different types of ink printing, including solvent, UV, ECO, and Latex printing. This feature allows for greater flexibility in designing and printing custom signage, making it easy to create highly visible and effective outdoor displays.

Easy to Clean

Printable reflective film is easy to clean, making it simple to maintain its reflective properties and keep the printed message or image visible. The material can be easily wiped clean or washed with water, ensuring that the signage remains visible and effective for a long time.
In most cases, printable reflective film is very suitable as an outdoor reflective warning sign or a sign printing material on vehicles and buildings. The use of printable reflective film both indoors and outdoors is very good. Because it is made of glass beads, small light from any direction can quickly reflect and display printed patterns.



Name No. Color Service Life Ink
Printable reflective vinyl film RK20 White 3-7 years Solvent, ECO, UV
Name Printable reflective vinyl roll
No. RK20
Adhesive Features Permanent/Transparent
Application Surface Smooth
Color Family White
Film thickness 220mic
Liner 140g/m² paper
Film Type Roll
Ink Solvent, ECO, UV
Interior/Exterior Exterior, Interior
Material Coating + Acrylic
Overall Length 50m/100m
Overall Width 1.27m/1.37m/1.52m
Product Color White
Product Usage Sign
Service Life 3-7years
Packing Carton/pallet
Shipping method By sea/air/land
Width 1.37 / 1.52m *50meter. (54/ 60* 150ft)



Super High Tack Self-Adhesive Printable Reflective Film Material Roll
Ultra-high viscosity transparent glue, suitable for walls, exhibition boards, and plastic surfaces
Large format smooth and flat white PVC roll
Glass bead structure, high reflectivity
Printing ink is clear and natural, not easy to fade
Can show day and night
Can be used indoors and outdoors, with a service life of 3-7 years
Support customized large format size and width

Printable reflective vinyl     Reflective vinyl roll
                      Printable reflective vinyl                                                              Reflective vinyl roll

Adhesive reflective film     Reflective sheeting
                     Adhesive reflective film                                                                   Reflective sheeting

Use area

Outdoor Signs

Printable reflective film is an ideal material for creating outdoor signs such as warning signs, traffic signs, and directional signs. The high reflectivity ensures that the signs are visible in low-light conditions, making them highly effective for safety and informational purposes.

Building Signs

Printable reflective film can also be used to create building signs such as storefront signage, entrance signs, and directional signs. The high reflectivity of the material ensures that the signage is visible even at night, making it an excellent choice for businesses or organizations that operate during the evening hours.

Indoor Displays

Printable reflective film can also be used for indoor displays such as exhibit displays and trade show signage. The glass beads in the material can reflect small light from any direction and display printed patterns, making it an eye-catching and unique material for indoor displays.

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What is Printable Reflective Vinyl?

Printable reflective film is a printable reflective film made of PVC material with adhesive backing. It can be printed and used in a variety of applications including outdoor signage and vehicle graphics.

What types of inks can be used for printing on printable retroreflective film?

Printable retroreflective sheeting can be printed with solvent, UV, ECO, Latex, and other ink types.

What are the advantages of using printable retroreflective film?

The advantages of using printable retroreflective films include high reflectivity, durability, water resistance, and the ability to print with various types of inks.

What applications are printable retroreflective films typically used for?

Printable reflective films are commonly used for outdoor signage, architectural signage, and indoor displays.

How long can the printable reflective film be used outdoors?

Printable retroreflective sheeting typically lasts 3 to 7 years outdoors, depending on the type and brand.

What is the difference between glass beads and microprism technology in printable retroreflective film?

Glass bead technology uses glass beads to reflect light, while microprism technology uses small prisms to reflect light. The specific technology used affects the reflectivity, durability, and price of a printable retroreflective film.

Is K2 a front-end manufacturer or a secondary distributor?

K2, a manufacturer with more than ten years of manufacturing and exporting large format printing vinyl material rolls, is a very trustworthy Chinese enterprise.

What is the difference between printable reflective sheeting and other reflective sheets on the market?

Compared with ordinary products on the market, K2's printable reflective film is cheaper with the same quality; at the same price, K2's printable reflective film has better quality, longer service life, and better reflective effect.

How to prove the excellence of printable reflective film?

Each product of K2 will have detailed product parameters. If you want to know more about the reflective film, you can contact the salesman of K2, and the salesman will give you a detailed introduction; or, you can also contact us to obtain product samples for testing. The quality is very confident.

What is the purchase price of the printable reflective film?

The price of K2 products may fluctuate with fluctuations in raw material market prices. You can tell us the quantity you need to buy, the shipping method, and the delivery address, and we will provide you with a complete quotation.

Is the shipping packaging of the product sturdy?

K2 adopts super-strong imported AB corrugated boxes, which can withstand overweight pressure to ensure that the goods will not be damaged during transportation.

How to buy it?

Contact the K2 sales team via email at The K2 team will give you feedback within 8 hours.