Perforated vinyl

● Enhances appearance - Perforated vinyl can improve the aesthetic appeal of buildings, vehicles, and other surfaces.
● Maintains privacy - Perforated vinyl provides privacy from the outside while still allowing visibility from the inside.
● Reduces heat and glare - Perforated vinyl can help reduce heat and glare from the sun, providing a more comfortable environment.
● Easy to install - Perforated vinyl is simple to install, and it can be done quickly and efficiently.
● Long-lasting and durable - Perforated vinyl is a durable material that can withstand harsh weather conditions and last for several years.


As a professional perforated window vinyl manufacturer, K2 provides total perforated window film solutions. K2 window perforated vinyl mainly focuses on the market of graphics signs and decoration.
K2's perforated window vinyl products are the kind of large format digital printing self-adhesive materials which are applied to stick on the window glass surfaces.

Maintains Privacy

Perforated vinyl provides privacy without obstructing the view from the inside. This makes it an excellent option for commercial or personal vehicles, store windows, and other outdoor applications.

Reduces Heat and Glare

Perforated vinyl helps to reduce the amount of heat and glare that enters your vehicle or building. The tiny holes in the vinyl allow natural light to pass through, providing shade and reducing the amount of heat that gets trapped inside.

Long-Lasting and Durable

High-quality perforated vinyl is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, direct sunlight, and other outdoor elements. It's also durable enough to withstand high-pressure washing and other cleaning methods without fading or peeling.

Provides Versatility

Perforated vinyl can be used for a variety of applications, including vehicle wraps, store windows, building facades, and more. This makes it a versatile solution for businesses and individuals looking to enhance the look and functionality of their property.

Provides Cost-Effective Advertising

Perforated vinyl is an affordable and effective way to advertise your business. By wrapping your vehicle or storefront with your brand message, you can increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

Protects Your Vehicle or Building

Perforated vinyl can help protect your vehicle or building from scratches, dings, and other damage. It acts as a barrier against outdoor elements, preventing them from damaging your property.

Enhances the Look of Your Vehicle or Building

Perforated vinyl is an affordable and effective way to enhance the exterior of your car or building. It's available in a variety of colors and patterns, making it easy to find a style that matches your taste or brand.

Easy to Remove

If you decide to change your design, perforated vinyl is easy to remove without damaging your vehicle or building. This makes it a flexible solution for those who want to change their design regularly.
For different window signs area, we provide a variety of perforated window graphics solutions, including White/Black window perforated vinyl,  monomeric perforated film, polymeric perforated film, clear perforated window film, holographic one-way perforated film, reflective one-way vision window film, aqueous perforated vinyl, two-way vision, etc.
These perforated one-way vision films are easy to install and also easy to be removed, in large format (maximum format can be 60 inches), and can be printed with popular Eco, solvent, UV, and HP latex (2PE liner structure).
It is very suitable for commercial restaurants, shops, malls, car window use, and home & office decoration.


Suitable Solvent/ECO, UV ink printing

Soft vinyl (28Pa hardness) is suitable for arched glass surfaces.

Strong adhesion, anti-wind, anti-UV.

Removable adhesive, no glue leaving behind the glass surface

Enhances appearance

Maintains privacy

Reduces heat and glare

Easy to install

Long-lasting and durable

Provides versatility

Cost-effective advertising


Monomeric perforated vinyl

Monomeric window perforated vinyl is a short-term and middle outdoor using window graphics sign film which is comprised of punched micro hole white/black calendered vinyl with clear adhesive and release liner. Special use for short-term window graphics signs, the advertising picture shows the outside of the window, but an inside person can see out


 Item No.




Open rate



30/70 Monomeric perforated window vinyl




UV, Solvent, ECO


40/60 Monomeric perforated window film




UV, Solvent, ECO


Premium Latex printable Perforated window graphics vinyl




UV, Solvent, ECO, HP Latex 



Removable adhesive, no glue leaving behind the glass surface

Suitable Solvent/ECO, UV ink printing

Soft vinyl (28Pa hardness) is suitable for arched glass surfaces.

Strong adhesion, anti-wind, anti-UV.

Printable vinyl film for short to medium-term use

Monomeric material, lighter and thinner

High-cost performance, high quality, and low price


Monomeric perforated vinyl     Monomeric perforated vinyl film
                                  Monomeric perforated vinyl                                                                      Monomeric perforated vinyl film

Polymeric perforated film

Polymeric perforated window vinyl roll is a kind of punched white/black Polymeric vinyl for window signs.
The structure of this one-way perforated film is micro holes punched vinyl with removable clear adhesive and double layer release liner.
This perforated vinyl window film is designed for long-term outdoor window vision signs, such as the building window, bus or car windows, and shop windows.
The outside of the window glass will show an advertising picture image. The person inside can see outside of the window.


Item No. Name Film Liner Ink
GK1101 Polymeric one-way vision window film 150 um 170g/m2 2PE 2layer paper Solvent, ECO, UV, Latex


Polymeric, longtime outdoor life

Suitable Solvent, ECO, UV, Latex ink, and printer.

Double PE for HP latex printing and also UV

Soft vinyl (28Pa hardness) is suitable for big curved glass surfaces.

180mic vinyl, excellent anti-wind, anti-UV performance.

Complete removable glue, no glue leaving behind the window after using

Polymeric perforated film     Polymeric perforated vinyl
                              Polymeric perforated film                                                                                Polymeric perforated vinyl

Clear perforated window film

Clear one-way vision window film is a transparent perforated window graphics self-adhesive vinyl.
This perforated vinyl window film s comprised of glossy clear monomeric vinyl and 2 layer release liner.
It can be used to be two-way vision (or double vision), or window backside installation (by UV printer).


Item No. Name Film liner
GK400TX Transparent one-way vision window film with PET liner 140mic transparent 150g/m2 (paper + PET)
GK500TX Clear window perforated vinyl graphics 160mic transparent 180g/m2 2layer 2PE paper


Transparent perforated window vinyl (Clear perforated window graphics)

Glossy clear monomeric vinyl, and then punched

Easy installing and removing

Anti-tearing window graphics film

Can be used to be Two-way vision (A person can see out from inside and also outside)

Soft vinyl (28Pa hardness) is suitable for arched glass surfaces.

Clear perforated film     Clear perforated vinyl
                                    Clear perforated film                                                                                     Clear perforated vinyl

Holographic perforated window film

Holographic window perforated vinyl is a special perforated window graphic.
This perforated window vinyl roll surface is a kind of punched printable holographic vinyl, and the backside is black vinyl.
The key point of this special one-way vision window film is that it can easily catch the viewer’s eyes through the sunlight.  
It is suitable for UV, Solvent, and Eco inks and printers, and works well for storefronts, office buildings, high-end hotels, and restaurants, as well as vehicles.


Item No. Name Film liner
GKH001 Holographic perforated vinyl window film 120mic 170g/m2


Holographic surface, Special way perforated film, Holographic way vision

1-3 year Outdoor Durability

Repeated use, can be removed easily and pasted again

UV, Solvent/Eco ink printing

Repositionable and removable

Holographic perforated window film     Holographic perforated vinyl
                         Holographic perforated window film                                                                      Holographic perforated vinyl

Aqueous perforated vinyl

Aqueous window perforated vinyl is a kind of perforated window graphics self-adhesive sign vinyl which is designed for large format water-based ink printers and office/home printers.
This inkjet perforated window vinyl is comprised of water-based ink coating on the white/black vinyl surface with clear removable adhesive and release liner.
The key point of this inkjet perforated vinyl window film is that it can be printed not only aqueous printer but also office A4 size printer.
It is designed for interior glass windows. This perforated window vinyl is also a kind of one-way vision window film.
That means that the sign picture is shown on the surface of the window and the person can “see out” from the backside.


Item No. Name Film liner
GWK001 Water-based inkjet perforated window film 200mic 140g/m2 art paper


Water-based pigment/dye ink printing, indoor environment-friendly

Waterproof Can be printed by the general office and home A4 size printer

Indoor perforated vinyl

Removable adhesive with thick vinyl, Anti-tear

Soft vinyl (28Pa hardness) is suitable for arched glass surfaces.

Complete removable glue, no glue leaving behind the window after using

Aqueous perforated vinyl     Aqueous perforated vinyl film
                                Aqueous perforated vinyl                                                                           Aqueous perforated vinyl film

Mirror silver perforated window vinyl

GKS200X mirror silver self-adhesive one-way vision window film is a new micro-hole perforated window graphics vinyl developed by K2.  
GKS200X can be printed with the most popular large-format digital printers such as Eco, Solvent, UV, and HP latex.
Compared with the common white/black one-way perforated film, the mirror silver surface makes the graphics color more beautiful and the color restoration degree is much higher.
In addition, the mirror silver surface is similar to the glass surface, thus it won't have the white surface feeling.
Besides, silver has excellent light-block shielding performance, thus the people in the room will not be affected by the graphics which show on the silver side.
Finally, compared to white and transparent, silver shading performance is much better, so the room has very good privacy.


Item No. Name Film liner
GKS200X mirror silver perforated vinyl window film 230mic 180g/m22layer paper



Mirror silver surface window perforated vinyl 

Large format: 60inch (1.52m)

Suitable for Eco, solvent, UV, and HP latex printer

Removable adhesive with thick vinyl, Anti-tear

Soft vinyl (28Pa hardness) is suitable for arched glass surfaces.

Complete removable glue, no glue leaving behind the window after using

Silver perforated window film     Silver perforated vinyl
                            Silver perforated window film                                                                                 Silver perforated vinyl


Usage area

Vehicle Wraps

Perforated vinyl can be used to wrap cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles for advertising or customization purposes.


Perforated vinyl can be applied to store windows to create privacy, promote branding, or display graphics.

Building Facades

Perforated vinyl can be used to cover entire building facades for advertising or to enhance the building's appearance.


Perforated vinyl is commonly used in billboard advertising due to its durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.


Limited Surface Compatibility

Perforated vinyl may not adhere well to some surfaces, such as textured or uneven surfaces. It is recommended to test a small area before applying the vinyl to ensure proper adhesion.

Restricted use on Certain Surfaces

Perforated vinyl should not be applied to surfaces that are heated, such as exhaust pipes or engine parts, as it may cause the vinyl to melt or peel.

Why chose us

Focus on Self-adhesive and Coating Products

K2 only focuses on the field of Self-adhesive and coating products, especially large-format self-adhesive products and inkjet coating products. Our philosophy is that focusing can make products to be professional and nice.

Over 10 Years of Manufacturing Experience

We believe that production is not just the producing itself, but adjusting, optimizing, and improving. Therefore, we continuously adjust and improve our production process, quality control system, and working flow to provide high-quality and stable products to benefit both our customers and us.

Over 40 Quality ContrProcessesess

K2 has more than 40 quality control items from raw material standard formulating, purchase, ing, and producing top quality inspection and shipment. By implementing the full process of quality management, quality is not just about the QC department, but everyone. The person in the process is not just a worker or manager, ba ut a quality controller. High and stable quality products not just benefit our customers but us.


We believe that even if we have good intentions if we do not have good research and development ability, we still can’t meet the special requirements of customers and can’t catch the new market opportunity, thus we won’t grow. Therefore, we not only set up our own R&D center but also established good relations with several university research institutions and third-party cooperative companies. And we pushed into the market many new good products continually, such as the first vinyl-type Road sticker, the first Cast graphics vinyl, and the first printable mirror metallic film, etc in our market.

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