Motorcycle stickers

● K2 Motorcycle stickers kits material is a printable self-adhesive vinyl material designed for motorcycle decals, such as its gas tank, and helmet.
● High-quality vinyl decals with super high tack adhesive
● Durable vinyl material resistant to weather and UV rays.
● Super high strong adhesive which works well with motorcycle big corn area
● Can be made to be the personalization of motorcycle tanks with unique stickers.
● A kid funny motorcycle sticker material that covers many colors such as holographic, reflective, glossy white, etc.
● Customized, can be printed to be any cool and stylish designs and patterns. Very cool.
● Easy to wrap or cut into custom shapes, and easy to weed
● Stretchable film for a wrap or to be stickers for motocross
● Free Samples are available. Get a Quote/Sample



BK11 vinyl motorcycle decal sticker materials are an effective and stylish way to personalize your motorcycle and protect its surfaces. The key features of vinyl motorcycle stickers include:

Super high tack adhesive

The super high tack adhesive on vinyl motorcycle stickers provides a super strong adhesive that lasts for a long time. This makes it easy to apply the stickers kits and ensures they stay in place, even through extreme weather and high speeds.


UV rays can cause stickers to fade and become brittle over time. Vinyl motorcycle stickers are made from materials that are resistant to UV rays, ensuring that they will maintain their vibrant colors and remain durable for years to come.


K2 motorcycle stickers materials are super high thickness material. That means they are resistant to scratches and other forms of damage. This provides extra protection for your motorcycle, helping to keep its surfaces looking like new for longer.


K2 vinyl motorcycle stickers can be easily printed with custom designs and images, allowing you to personalize your motorcycle in any way you choose. Whether you want to add a logo, a cool design, or something else entirely, the possibilities are endless.

Easy cut and weed

Cutting and weeding vinyl motorcycle stickers is simple. This makes it easy to apply the stickers in a precise and clean manner, without any rough edges or unsightly lines.
In conclusion, vinyl motorcycle stickers are an excellent choice for anyone looking to personalize their motorcycle and protect its surfaces. With their strong adhesive, anti-UV and anti-damage properties, printable surface, and easy cut and weed capabilities, vinyl motorcycle stickers provide a versatile and practical solution for any rider. Whether you're looking for a funny or cool design or a custom image, vinyl motorcycle stickers are an effective and stylish way to make your motorcycle your own.


Item No. Name Film Liner Ink
BK111 Printable adhesive vinyl for motorcycle stickers kits material 80mic, polymeric 140g airbrush ECO-solvent, UV, Latex
RK31 Printable Reflective adhesive vinyl for motorcycle stickers kits material Reflective, printable 140g airbrush ECO-solvent, UV, Latex
Brand K2, BK111
Product Usage Motorcycle stickers kits and wrap and decals
Application Surface Flat, Curve, uneven wrapping
Width 54in (1.37m)
Length 50yd (45.7m)
Core Size 3 in
Imaging Method Eco-solvent, Latex, UV printers, and inks
Interior/Exterior Outdoor
Film type Polymeric
Film color Milk white, Holographic, Reflective
Product Usage Vinyl motorcycle sticker kits for tank and helmet
Adhesive type Super high strong solvent adhesive
Adhesive color Clear
Service Life 7years
TDS Required Yes
Surface Finish Glossy (Matte can be chosen)
Warranty Eligible for K2 Warranty



Motorcycle sticker materials, such as vinyl decals, provide endless possibilities for customization. From funny designs on your gas tank to reflective logos on your helmets, these stickers allow you to express your style and personality.


High-quality motorcycle sticker materials, such as vinyl, are resistant to UV damage and wear and tear, ensuring that your design stays looking great for years to come.


Whether you're looking to add some custom graphics to your wheel rims or want a vintage look on your motorcycle's bumper, motorcycle stickers offer a wide range of options for all parts of your ride.

Easy to Apply

Motorcycle sticker kits and decals are designed with ease of application in mind, with simple cut and weed capabilities for a smooth and straightforward application process.

Reflectiveness, holographic, glossy white

Reflective, holographic, Starpoint, glossy white surfaces can be added to your helmet to improve visibility and increase your safety while riding at night.


Compared to other customizing options, as a material factory, K2’s motorcycle sticker materials are an affordable way to give your ride a unique look without breaking the bank. Whether you choose a single decal or an entire custom kit, these stickers offer a cost-effective solution for personalized style.
In conclusion, K2’s motorcycle stickers offer numerous advantages, from customizability to durability and affordability. Whether you're looking for a racing-inspired design, cool graphics, or a vintage look, motorcycle stickers allow you to express your individuality and enhance your motorcycle in the way that you see fit.

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Usage area

K2 adhesive vinyl motorcycle sticker materials are popular among riders who want to customize their bikes and make them stand out. These stickers come in different designs, colors, and sizes, and can be applied to a variety of areas on the motorcycle. The following are some common areas where motorcycle stickers are applied:


Motorcycle helmets are often decorated with stickers to add a personal touch. These can be funny, cool, or reflective, and can come in kits for easy application.


The fuel tank is another popular area for vinyl stickers. These decals can add a unique touch to the bike and can be customized to match the rider's personality.


The front and rear bumpers are other common areas where vinyl stickers are applied. They can protect the bike from scratches and add a touch of style.


Motorcycle wheels can be decorated with reflective decals to add a cool look while also improving visibility in low-light conditions.


Vintage motorcycle stickers can be used to give the bike a classic look and can be customized to match the owner's taste.


For those who love racing, there are a variety of racing-themed stickers that can be applied to the bike. These decals can be used to show off the rider's passion for speed and competition.
In conclusion, there are many areas where motorcycle stickers can be applied, including the helmet, tank, bumper, wheels, vintage, and racing themes. These stickers come in different materials, including vinyl and reflective, and can be customized to match the rider's personality.


This vinyl for motorcycle stickers product is not recommended to use in the following applications:  Dirty substrate surface, solvent cleaning, grease, and silicon coating will affect the adhesion of the glue.  So, before installing, make sure the surface of the motorcycle is clean and solvent-free.

Why chose us

Professional vinyl motorcycle graphics manufacturer
K2 is a professional solution provider of self-adhesive products, we have our R&D center, manufacturing plant, quality management department, and sales service team. For the particularity of motorcycle graphics, we worked on a good solution to match motorcycle wraps and decals. For motorcycle kits, the product is not only the product itself but also the professional capabilities in design, raw materials choosing, quality control, production, and other abilities.

40items Quality control
Based on ensuring at least 40 quality control items, we give a special plan according to the characteristics of each special product to ensure that our products are stable and high-level.

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How to buy

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Must the motorcycle sticker material be high-tack glue?

Yes. High tack is necessary for motorcycle graphics kits; the general self-adhesive vinyl cannot meet the requirements of motorcycle graphics. It must be the super high adhesion glue that can work with motorcycle tanks well.

Can the vinyl graphics for motorcycles be cut?

Yes, this motorcycle graphics vinyl can be cut after printing to match the cool custom motorcycle

Is there a Motorcycle Over-lamination protective film to work with it?

Yes, K2 has a motorcycle lamination to work with motorcycle graphics together.  Super-thickness 300um anti-damaging, Glossy, Matt, and Sparkle finish. For detail, please find this link: Motorcycle decals

Are other custom motorcycle graphics available? like Reflective, Silver, Holographic, or Spark?

Yes, we provide custom solutions for motorcycle graphics kits, such as reflective, silver, holographic, Spark, etc. Please contact K2 sales for these special samples.

What is a motorcycle sticker?

A motorcycle sticker is a type of adhesive label or decal that can be attached to the body of a motorcycle for decorative or informational purposes.

How are motorcycle stickers applied?

Motorcycle stickers are typically applied by cleaning the motorcycle surface where the sticker will be placed, peeling the backing paper from the sticker, and carefully aligning and smoothing the sticker onto the surface.

What materials are motorcycle stickers made of?

Motorcycle stickers are made from Super high tack self-adhesive vinyl which can stick well with the motorcycle's big corner areas such as a tank, helmet, etc.

How long do motorcycle stickers last?

The lifespan of a motorcycle sticker will depend on the materials it is made from and the conditions it is exposed to. In general, high-quality vinyl stickers can last for several years with proper care and maintenance. K2 BK111 works with anti-damaging lamination film LK200 together, its life is over 7 years.

Can motorcycle stickers be removed without damaging the paint?

Yes, motorcycle stickers can usually be removed without damaging the paint, but it may be helpful to use a heat gun or hair dryer to soften the adhesive before attempting to remove the sticker. 

Are there any special care and maintenance requirements for motorcycle stickers?

It is generally recommended to wash motorcycle stickers regularly to remove dirt and grime and to avoid exposing the stickers to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures.

Where can I buy motorcycle stickers?

K2 is one of the motorcycle sticker material manufacturers. You can contact with K2 sales team, via WhatsApp or email at

How much do motorcycle stickers cost?

The cost of motorcycle stickers can vary widely, depending on factors such as the size and complexity of the design, the materials used, and the brand or manufacturer. Prices can range from a few dollars for a small decal to several hundred dollars for a large, custom-designed sticker kit. Because K2 is the factory of self-adhesive motorcycle vinyl sticker material, you can get the best price and save your material cost.