Motorcycle graphics

● A kind of motorcycle graphics vinyl kit, specially designed for motorcycle wrap, decals, and stickers.
● Very strong-permanent glue, work well with the surface of the big corner and uneven MX tank and helmet surfaces
● Airbrush liner, easy to stick and install
● Long-term outdoor life
● Printable adhesive material, which can be made to be any custom motorcycle graphics
● Printable stretchable white vinyl film, vivid graphics after printing
● Easy to wrap or cut into custom shapes, and easy to weed
● Stretchable film for a wrap or to be stickers for motocross
54inch (1.37m) large format roll
● Direct factory, Optimum printing material cost.
● Free Samples are available. Get a Quote/Sample



As a product specially designed for Motorcycle graphics. BK111 Motorcycle graphics is a self-adhesive vinyl. With super high adhesiveness and printable soft vinyl film, it can fit well on motorcycle tanks, helmets, and other irregular and large-angle parts.
This vinyl graphics kit product is an excellent product for custom motorcycle wraps and motocross decals. Besides, the BK111 motorcycle vinyl graphics kit material adopts the airbrush structure, which is convenient to guide the air out during installation, thus even people without any experience can stick or wrap it quickly on the motorcycle surface.
The vinyl for motorcycle graphics can be used outdoors for a long time, which means the custom motorcycle graphics decals made of this vinyl can resist ultraviolet rays, rain, muddy water, and other harsh outdoor environments.
White vinyl can be printed in any graphics and color. In addition, these motorcycle graphics kit be made into any shape with a cutting machine and is also very convenient for weeding.


Printable vinyl is a popular option for creating motorcycle graphics as it allows for highly-detailed designs and precise cuts. With printable vinyl, you can create graphics with intricate details and vivid colors.

Outdoor durability

Many motorcycle graphics are made from vinyl, which is a highly durable and weather-resistant material. Vinyl can withstand exposure to the elements, such as rain, sun, and wind, without fading or peeling. Additionally, upper high adhesiveness glue can be used to ensure that the graphics remain securely attached to the motorcycle.


Many motorcycle graphics are self-adhesive, meaning that they can be easily applied to the bike without the need for additional tools or materials. This makes them a convenient option for riders who want to customize their bikes without having to visit a professional shop. Additionally, self-adhesive graphics can be easily removed if you decide to change your design in the future.


K2 also has a reflective motorcycle film, which is especially useful for riders who often ride at night or in low-light environments.

Easy Removal

Motorcycle graphics can be easily removed without causing damage to the underlying surface, making them a good choice for temporary or seasonal graphics.


Motorcycle graphics are generally more cost-effective than paint or airbrushing, making them a popular choice for motorcycle owners who want to add custom graphics to their bikes without breaking the bank.
K2 is a direct self-adhesive motorcycle graphics material factory, and you can maximize saving your printing material cost. We provide customized products for motorcycle wraps and decals also, including reflective motorcycle graphics, holographic motorcycle graphics material, etc.
As well as special transparent protective films for motorcycles that match motorcycle graphics together. Just make a connection with us and show us your requirement.



Item No. Name Film Liner Ink
BK111 Printable white vinyl for motorcycle graphics kits 80mic, polymeric 140g airbrush ECO-solvent, UV, Latex
HL01X Printable holographic vinyl for motorcycle graphics kits 80mic, polymeric 140g airbrush ECO-solvent, UV, Latex




Product Usage

Motorcycle graphics wrap and decals

Application Surface

Flat, Curve, uneven wrapping


54in (1.37m)


50yd (45.7m)

Core Size

3 in

Imaging Method

Eco-solvent, Latex, UV printers, and inks



Film type


Film color

Milk white

Product Usage

Vinyl motorcycle graphics kits for tank and helmet

Adhesive type

Super high strong solvent glue

Adhesive color


Service Life


TDS Required


Surface Finish

Glossy (Matte can be chosen)


Eligible for K2 Warranty



The self-adhesive motorcycle graphics vinyl kits, just designed for motorcycle wrap, decals.
Extra high solvent adhesive designed for motorcycle graphics for use on large angled surfaces and uneven motocross tank and helmet surfaces
Stretchable vinyl for motorcycle wrapping, such as the uneven surface
Airbrush to let air out during installation, easy to install
Easy to cut and weeded
Very strong-permanent glue,
Over 7years of life, long-term outdoor life
Can be printed by the most popular printer and made to be custom motorcycle graphics
Printable, vivid graphics after printing
54inch (1.37m) large format roll
K2 is the direct factory of this motorcycle graphics and material manufacturer, which saves your printing material cost the most

vinyl graphics for motorcycles                    custom motorcycle graphics

                                 vinyl graphics for motorcycles                                                                          custom motorcycle graphics

motorcycle graphics kits                    motorcycle helmet graphics

                          motorcycle graphics kits                                                                 motorcycle helmet graphic



This motorcycle graphics product is a self-adhesive vinyl designed for wrap and decal motorcycles. Because the structure of motorcycles is different from common vehicles such as vans, trucks, or cars. Most motorcycles have large curved surfaces, such as tanks or helmets, which are very difficult to work well with general sticker kits. If it is not just a graphics product that is designed for motorcycles, it is easy to fail after installation. Based on the features of the motorcycle, we specially developed a product BK111, which can not only be printed into any customized graphics, or cut into any shape, but also can be perfectly combined with the big curved surface of the motorcycle, even if the tank or a helmet.


Motorcycle graphics decals are a popular form of motorcycle graphics and can be used to add custom designs or logos to a motorcycle's bodywork, fairings, tank, helmet, or wheels.


Motorcycle graphics vinyl wraps can be used to completely cover a motorcycle's bodywork, tank, or helmet with a custom design or color, giving the bike a completely new look. They can also be used to wrap motorcycle wheels.

Racing Graphics

Motorcycle graphics are commonly used in motorcycle racing to identify riders and teams, as well as to provide advertising space for sponsors. They can also be applied to racing trailers to advertise the team or sponsors.

Brand Customization

Motorcycle graphics can be used to promote a brand or logo on a motorcycle, cruiser, trailer, or any other vehicle. This makes it a popular choice for businesses that use motorcycles or trailers as part of their advertising.


Motorcycle graphics can be used to personalize a motorcycle, cruiser, helmet, or any other vehicle, with custom graphics or decals that reflect the rider's interests, personality, or style. This can include personalizing the tank, fairings, wheels, trailer, or any other part of the vehicle.


This vinyl for motorcycle graphics products is not recommended to use in the following applications:  Dirty substrate surface, solvent cleaning, grease, and silicon coating will affect the adhesion of the glue.  So, before installing, make sure the surface of the motorcycle is clean and solvent-free.

Why chose us

Professional vinyl motorcycle graphics manufacturer
K2 is a professional solution provider of self-adhesive products, we have our R&D center, manufacturing plant, quality management department, and sales service team. For the particularity of motorcycle graphics, we worked on a good solution to match motorcycle wraps and decals. For motorcycle kits, the product is not only the product itself but also the professional capabilities in design, raw materials choosing, quality control, production, and other abilities.
40items Quality control
Based on ensuring at least 40 quality control items, we give a special plan according to the characteristics of each special product to ensure that our products are stable and high-level.
What more can I get?
Our philosophy is that a sample is not just a sample, and the goods are not just the goods themselves. What you can get is not just from the salesperson, but from the whole K2 team. The sales are just the person who you connect with, the whole K2 team will serve you. If you want to solve technical problems, K2’s engineers will support you. If you want your customized product, K2’s R&D center will serve you. Professional service is one of K2’s core competencies.
Are Customized products supported?
Sure. We have the ability and willingness to customize your products based on your requirement, and to grow with you. Please contact with K2 sales team for more support.


Request a sample

Please show us the sample size which you want online now by WhatsApp: +86 13003113021, or email 

How to buy

You can contact K2 Sales online to get immediate service or send an email to, you will get feedback from the Sales team within 2 hours. They will work out a solution for you on how to buy, no matter whether you are in small batches large batches or even a trial order of 1 roll.


Is this vinyl for motorcycle graphics high-tack glue?

Yes. High tack is necessary for motorcycle graphics kits; the general self-adhesive vinyl cannot meet the requirements of motorcycle graphics. It must be the super high adhesion glue that can work with motorcycle tanks well.

Can the vinyl graphics for motorcycles be cut?

Yes, this motorcycle graphics vinyl can be cut after printing to match the cool custom motorcycle

Is there a Motorcycle Over-lamination protective film to work with it?

Yes, K2 has a motorcycle lamination to work with motorcycle graphics together.  Super-thickness 300um anti-damaging, Glossy, Matt, and Sparkle finish. For detail, please find this link.

Are other custom motorcycle graphics available? like Reflective, Silver, Holographic, or Spark?

Yes, we provide custom solutions for motorcycle graphics kits, such as reflective, silver, holographic, Spark, etc. Please contact K2 sales for these unique samples.

How do you apply motorcycle graphics?

The process of applying motorcycle graphics varies depending on the type of graphic being applied. In general, it involves cleaning and preparing the surface, applying the graphic, and then smoothing out any bubbles or wrinkles. Some graphics may require heat to properly adhere to the surface.

Where can I buy motorcycle graphics?

You can check our Great K2 company website or contact our customer service, we are a supplier specializing in motorcycle wraps, and you can ask us questions about the availability of our motorcycle graphics and samples.

What are reflective motorcycle graphics?

Reflective motorcycle graphics are decals or stickers that are made from a reflective material that helps increase the visibility of the motorcycle in low-light conditions. They are often used on helmets, tanks, cruisers, and trailers to improve safety on the road.