Motorcycle decals

● A self-adhesive vinyl that is just designed for motorcycle decals
● 300mic super thick vinyl, good protection, and anti-damaging performance
● Stretchable soft transparent lamination of motorcycle graphic decals
● The long-term decals kits to match the motorcycle outdoors using
● Anti-rain, sand proof, acidproof and alkaliproof
● Anti-sunlight, anti-fading, and anti-aging vinyl decals lamination
● Glossy, Matte, and Spark available
● Work well with printable motorcycle graphics together
● Easy to cut and weed to be the stickers of any shape
● Match well with motorcycle big corn and uneven area like a tank
● Large format till to 54inch (1.37m)
● Direct factory Cost Saving.
● Free Samples are available. Get a Quote/Sample



A motorcycle decal is a kind of vinyl sticker that is especially stuck or wrapped on the paint surface of a motorcycle, such as on its tank. The vinyl decals on motorcycles are different from the general stickers on vehicles like cars, vans, or trucks. These decals' stickers not only need to be cool but also need to match the curved surface of the motorcycle well. They will not fall off, fade, or age after long-term use, and they can resist stones or other hard objects. impact of objects. To meet the special requirements of the motorcycle, besides the motorcycle's special graphics products, special ultra-high-thickness lamination and graphics decals are also necessary. The LK200 series is the just product specially designed for this purpose.


Decals can be placed on different parts of a motorcycle, including the tank, fairings, and fenders. They can also be used on helmets to add a personal touch.

Outdoor durable

Motorcycle decals are typically made of vinyl material which is durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. This makes them ideal for outdoor use.


Reflective motorcycle decals are available, which can improve visibility and safety during nighttime riding.

Easy to Apply

Motorcycle decals are self-adhesive and easy to apply, and can be removed without damaging the paint or surface of the motorcycle.No need for extensive repainting or custom work.


Motorcycle decals can be printable, allowing for greater customization options and the ability to incorporate specific designs, logos, or images onto the decal. Suitable for Eco-solvent printers, latex printers, and UV printers.


Decals are generally an affordable way to customize a motorcycle, especially when compared to more extensive custom paint jobs.


Motorcycle decals can also protect the underlying paint or surface from scratches, chips, or other damage.


Item No.






Glossy Motorcycle vinyl decals lamination

300mic, Glossy

140g paper

1.37m (54inch)


Spark Motorcycle vinyl decals lamination

300mic, Spark

140g paper

1.37m (54inch)


Matte Motorcycle vinyl decals lamination

300mic, Matte

140g paper

1.37m (54inch)




Product Usage

Motorcycle graphics lamination, Motorcycle decal sticker protection

Application Surface

The paint surface of a motorcycle


54in (1.37m)


50yd (45.7m)

Core Size

3 in

Using Method

Lamination on the surface of the graphics, as a decal sticker for motocross

Film color

Clear, vinyl decal film

Product Usage

motorcycle decals and sticker lamination

Adhesive type

Strong high tack, solvent

Adhesive color


Service Life


TDS Required


Surface Finish

Glossy, Matte, Spark vinyl


Eligible for K2 Warranty



Designed for maximum protection from motorcycle decals

300mic extra thick clear film, good protection of graphics, and damage resistance

Easy to cut into stickers of any shape stickers

Stretchable clear vinyl lamination film for MX decals

Anti-rain, sand proof, acidproof, and alkaliproof

Anti-sunlight, anti-fading, and anti-aging

The long-term clear vinyl decals for motorcycles

Glossy, Matte, and Spark available 

Use with printable motorcycle graphics

Match well with motorcycle big corn and uneven area like a tank

Large format till 54inch (1.37m)

                          motorcycle decal kits                                                               motorcycle vinyl decals     

                           motorcycle tank decals for motorcycles



Motorcycle decals are different from other decals and stickers. Besides the irregular extensive curved and uneven surface proprietary to motorcycles, there are also harsh environments where motorcycles are faced, such as flying stones, mud, and sand. So, a special protective over-lamination film is required in such a situation. The motorcycle decals and stickers must not only be cool but also be able to be used in these harsh conditions. The LK200 series is a dedicated protective film designed for the needs of motorcycle decals.

The appearance of a motorcycle

Motorcycle decals are used to personalize the appearance of a bike, such as a tank, fairing, and rim.

Helmet decals

Custom helmet decals are a popular way to personalize the appearance of a motorcycle helmet, often featuring unique designs, logos, or graphics.


Reflective motorcycle decals increase visibility on the road, making the bike more visible to other drivers.


Some businesses may use motorcycle decals as a form of outdoor advertising, displaying their company name, logo, or contact information on the bike's tank or fairings


The decals for motorcycles product are not recommended to use in the following applications:  Dirty substrate surface, solvent cleaning, grease, and silicon coating will affect the adhesion of the glue.  So, before installing, make sure the surface of the motorcycle or its tank is clean and solvent-free.

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What is the material of this vinyl motorcycle decal kit lamination?

LK200 motorcycle decal kit uses anti-UV stretchable vinyl film with strong permanent adhesive. So these vinyl decals for motorcycles can match the graphics of vinyl for motorcycles well.

Why 300um thickness is necessary for these decals for motorcycles?

The use area of the motorcycles is different from other vehicles. The conditions of motorcycles are usually sand, gravel, dirty water, rain, or other harsher conditions. The thin film is easily damaged in these conditions. For example, the paint of the motorcycle will be damaged or the fuel tank will be deformed. LK200's soft and super thick vinyl decal film characteristic motorcycle decal protective lamination vinyl film can absorb the impact of stones and quickly recover its shape after the impact, perfectly protecting the motorcycle fuel tank and other parts

Is there a Motorcycle graphics vinyl to work with it together?

Yes, K2 provides printable motorcycle decal graphics vinyl BK111 to work with LK200 lamination film together. For more information about the motorcycle decal graphics BK111, please click this link.

Do you support custom thickness or surface patterns?

Yes, we provide customized products to customers. You can make a connection with the K2 sales team to get more support.

What are motorcycle decals made of?

Motorcycle decals can be made from various materials, including vinyl, reflective materials, and other self-adhesive materials.

How do I apply motorcycle decals?

Motorcycle decals can be applied to various areas of the bike, including the tank, fairings, and helmet. The application process typically involves cleaning the surface, applying the decal, and smoothing out any air bubbles.

What are the benefits of using reflective motorcycle decals?

Reflective motorcycle decals can increase visibility on the road, making the bike more visible to other drivers and improving safety in low-light conditions.

What is included in a motorcycle decal kit?

A motorcycle decal kit typically includes a variety of decals or stickers that can be applied to different areas of the bike, such as the tank, fairings, and fenders. Kits may also include application tools and instructions for easy installation. Some decal kits may be designed to achieve a specific look or theme, such as a racing or vintage style.

Can motorcycle decals be removed?

Yes, motorcycle decals can be removed with a little bit of heat, such as a hair dryer or heat gun, which can soften the adhesive and make it easier to peel off the decal.

Can motorcycle decals be applied to a matte finish?

Yes, motorcycle decals can be applied to matte finishes, although it's important to use a decal that is designed specifically for matte or textured surfaces.

Can motorcycle decals be applied to helmets?

Yes, motorcycle decals can be applied to helmets, although it's important to choose a decal that is safe for use on helmets and won't compromise the structural integrity of the helmet.

Are motorcycle decals waterproof?

Most motorcycle decals are designed to be waterproof and withstand exposure to rain and other moisture. However, it's important to choose a high-quality decal made from durable materials to ensure maximum longevity and resistance to the elements.