High tack vinyl

● High tack vinyl has an ultra-high adhesive backed vinyl material, adhesion > 100N
● Excellent stretchability to conform to arched/corner surfaces
● Sticks to any surface: asphalt, cement, metal, paint, glass, wall, plastic
● Support digital printing, solvent, ECO, UV, Latex, and other inks
● Weather-resistant, 2-5 years of outdoor service life
● White opaque surface, suitable for automobiles, helmets, floors etc
● This Digi print high tack vinyl can stick everywhere.
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Super high tack self-adhesive vinyl is an ultra-high-viscosity printed ethylene material roll with a white printed layer on the surface. The overall material thickness is 220mic. It is paired with 140g/bottom paper, usually 1.27 meters or 1.37 meters.
The printable layer on the self-adhesive vinyl surface can support Solvent, Eco, UV, and Latex printing, which can be used as printing materials for printing graphics signs, advertising patterns, and slogans. Materials, object packaging materials, flooring materials, etc.

Ultra-high-stick self-adhesive vinyl

The biggest feature of this product is its strong adhesion. The adhesive tension after the test can reach more than 100N, which can be fitted on the wall. Don't worry about falling off due to gravity or other reasons. Noodles, or on the wall of paint, self-adhesive vinyl film WK01 can be firmly pasted on the wall

Excellent extension

Self-adhesive vinyl is a soft ethylene material, which can be wrapped in irregular shapes or surfaces, so it can be used as a car sticker or packaging material. After testing, the data obtained is more than 100N. To show the excellent ductility and ultra-high stickiness of self-adhesive vinyl film more intuitively, we use these samples with a width of 10cm and paste them on the fire extinguisher weighing 4kg.
After testing, the 10cm width vinyl self-adhesive film can easily rely on viscosity to pull up a bottle of a fire extinguisher with a weight of 4KG and 10cm away from the ground. We also conducted multiple tests. Until the 10cm width vinyl self-adhesive film can pull up 4 bottles of fire extinguishers with 4kg at one time, pull the total weight of 16kg of fire extinguishers at one time, and 10cm away from the ground.
We can see the super tensile and ductility of this film. Even the weight of 16kg, high tack self-adhesive vinyl is only deformed, but it has not broken.

Can be used as flooring flower material

Because of its ultra-high stickiness of itself, it can ensure good stability during use, K2 also recommends that it can be used as a floor paste material. When used as a floor paste material, it will be trampled by pedestrians and vehicles on the surface, so it is easy to cause damage and movement.
Once pedestrians or cars pass by, the flooring of the floor is moved, and it will cause inestimable personal injury to pedestrians or drivers. Therefore, it is very important to paste solid and stable flooring material, and this strong high tack film is very suitable.
And to better use it on the ground, high tack self-adhesive vinyl needs to be matched with a cold mounting film of FK01-R. The existence of FK01-R can not only protect the printing pattern but also enhance functionality to ensure user safety. Waterproofing and sun protection can be enhanced when used outdoors.

Opaque and Weather-Resistant

High-tack vinyl is typically opaque, making it an excellent choice for creating graphics and designs that require a solid, non-transparent background. Additionally, it is durable and weather-resistant, making it ideal for use in outdoor applications that require long-lasting, high-quality results. The vinyl is resistant to fading, cracking, and peeling, making it a popular choice for wrap applications on automobiles, boats, and other outdoor equipment.
In summary, K2 high tack vinyl is a type of vinyl material that has a strong adhesive, making it ideal for use in a variety of applications, including stickers, labels, wraps, and more. high tack vinyl is an excellent choice for applications that require strong adhesive, printable material, and weather-resistant properties. It is perfect for creating stickers, labels, wraps, and decals for use in outdoor settings, such as on automobiles and helmets. Its ability to adhere to difficult surfaces, coupled with its durability, makes it a popular choice for a wide range of applications.



Adhesive Features


Application Surface


Color Family


Film thickness



140g/m² paper

Film Type



Solvent, ECO, UV


Exterior, Interior



Overall Length


Overall Width


Product Color


Product Usage

Interior, Floor decals, Wall wrap, Vehicles

Service Life

2-5 years



Shipping method

By sea/air/land


1.37 / 1.52m *50meter. (54/ 60* 150ft)



Super strong adhesive, adhesion > 100N
Suitable for asphalt floors, painted surfaces, walls, construction surfaces, etc.
Digitally printable self-adhesive white vinyl, compatible solvent, ECO, UV, and Latex printing
Large format self-adhesive vinyl up to 54" and 60"
Soft stretchable film for recessed surfaces and corners
220mic thick UV-resistant vinyl, excellent weather resistance, and damage resistance
Easy to install and remove, with no glue left after removal
Excellent waterproof performance can be used outdoors for a long time
More than 3 years of outdoor use


high tack vinyl     high tack adhesive vinyl
                                   high tack vinyl                                                                     high tack adhesive vinyl

high tack opaque adhesive vinyl     high tack printable vinyl
                            high tack opaque adhesive vinyl                                                            high tack printable vinyl

Use area

Indoor wall printing wall sticker material, suitable for painted walls, painted walls, uncoated walls, etc.
Outdoor advertising printing wall sticker material, suitable for brick wall surface, painted wall surface, painted wall surface, uncoated wall surface, etc.
Indoor floor decal printing materials, used with non-slip cold lamination film, are more durable and non-slip
Outdoor asphalt floor advertising printing materials, used with non-slip cold lamination film, stronger adhesion, not easy to fall off, good anti-slip effect

Outdoor Decals and Stickers

High-tack vinyl is ideal for creating custom outdoor stickers and decals that can be used on vehicles, boats, and other outdoor equipment.

Vehicle Wraps

The strong adhesive and weather-resistant properties of high-tack vinyl make it perfect for use in some wraps, particularly on automobiles and motorcycles.

Helmet Graphics

High-tack vinyl can be used to create custom graphics and designs for helmets used in motorsports, cycling, and other high-speed activities.

Custom Labels

The printable nature of high-tack vinyl makes it an excellent choice for creating custom labels and packaging for a wide range of products, including food and beverages, cosmetics, and more.


PROFESSIONAL: Over 10 Years of Manufacturing Experience.
K2 is a well-known supplier and manufacturer with more than ten years of operation and manufacturing experience in the floor decal vinyl industry, with a good corporate reputation and production experience. We are at the forefront of the industry, and we will not forget our original intention to pursue innovation.

Competitive PriceWe are offering a quality product with cost savings.
We are committed to providing customers with better products for floor decal material and developing different products from the perspective of customers. Improve the structure of floor decals vinyl products, choose more cost-effective materials, and reduce customer costs.

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What is high-tack vinyl?

High tack vinyl is a type of vinyl material that has a super strong adhesive, making it ideal for use in applications such as stickers, labels, wraps, and more. Its strong adhesive makes it suitable for use in applications where a strong bond is required, such as for outdoor floor stickers or labels for difficult-to-stick surfaces. High-tack vinyl is printable and weather-resistant, making it an excellent choice for creating customized designs and graphics for a wide range of applications, including asphalt, wall, vehicle, helmet graphics, motorcycle wrapping, custom labels, and decals for both indoor and outdoor.

What are some common uses for high-tack vinyl?

High-tack vinyl is commonly used for outdoor decals and stickers, vehicles, helmet graphics, and custom labels. Its strong adhesive and weather-resistant properties make it ideal for applications where a strong bond is required, such as for use on automobiles or other outdoor equipment.

Is it high-tack vinyl printable?

Yes, high-tack vinyl is printable, making it an excellent choice for creating custom designs and graphics using digital printing technologies. It is compatible with Eco, Solvent, UV, and Latex inks and printers.

Can high-tack vinyl be used on automobiles?

Yes, high-tack vinyl can be used on automobiles due to its strong adhesive and weather-resistant properties.

Can this high-tack self-adhesive film be printed with inkjet printers?

Yes, this printing adhesive vinyl can be suitable with ECO, Solvent, UV, and Latex. It has a good printing effect and can present a good print picture.

What is the material composition?

The white self-adhesive vinyl is comprised of an anti-UV glossy white vinyl with strong clear permanent adhesive and a PE coating silicon release paper.  

Why does the high-tack self-adhesive vinyl work with lamination film?

When they work together, a total of 420mic Anti-UV vinyl ensures excellent anti-scratching and anti-damaging performance. Strong adhesive ensures the film combines well with the asphalt road surface.

Is this printable self-adhesive film pasted strong enough?

Of course
To ensure that it can be used on outdoor roads for a long time, we especially use super high-tack vinyl more than 50N/inch


What size can it print?

There are three width sizes to choose from:1.27m/1.37m/1.52m.
Length:30m/50m or Bespoke


Is self-adhesive vinyl permanently sticky?

Yes, it is a permanent sticky product.
But we also support customized removable glue products.


Can I get samples in advance to understand the product?

Yes, you can contact K2's sales team to get free samples.