Floor lamination film

● Large format transparent matte cold lamination film roll
● Non-slip cold lamination film specially designed for floor decal materials
● The surface is matte/twill pattern, effectively anti-slip
● Certified R10 anti-slip grade, effectively guaranteeing personal safety
● Cold lamination film, no additional heat treatment process required
● Waterproof material, transparent cold lamination film that can be washed directly with water
● Compatible with most printable floor graphics materials


Floor lamination film is a series of non-slip transparent cold lamination film materials specially designed for indoor and outdoor floor decal printing materials. floor lamination film can effectively protect and prevent slipping on the surface of decal materials on indoor and outdoor floors.
Floor lamination film is composed of non-slip ultra-matt clear 200mic vinyl with permanent adhesive and a PE-coated silicone release liner.

Anti-Slip Protection

The surface of the floor lamination film is designed with a matte or twill pattern, which effectively increases the anti-slip performance. Additionally, the floor lamination film has TUV R10 grade anti-skid certification, ensuring that it prevents slipping for pedestrians and vehicles. This provides an additional layer of safety and protection for areas with heavy foot traffic or where spills and moisture may occur. It also protects individuals from slips and falls, which can result in serious injuries.

Transparent Protective Film

The floor lamination film is a transparent protective film that is applied over printed materials. It is composed of a non-slip ultra-matt clear 200mic vinyl with permanent adhesive and a PE-coated silicone release liner. The film protects the printed graphics from wear and tear, scratches, and fading. Additionally, the film does not obstruct the printed pattern or color, so the graphics remain vibrant and visible.

PVC Soft Material

The floor lamination film is made of PVC soft material, which is transparent and does not interfere with the printed graphics. This ensures that there is no color difference between the original graphic and the laminated version. The soft material also allows the film to conform to the contours of the floor, ensuring that the protective film is seamless and does not bubble or warp.


The floor lamination film is waterproof, which means that it is resistant to moisture and can be washed with water without warping or falling off. This makes it ideal for use in areas where spills or moisture are common, such as kitchens, bathrooms, or outdoor areas.

Easy Application

The floor lamination film is a cold lamination film, which means that it does not require thermal processing. This makes the application process simple and easy. The film can be directly cold-mounted on the floor graphic, and the process is safe and does not require any special equipment. Additionally, the film is compatible with most floor decal vinyl materials, making it a versatile option for various applications.
Considering that the occasions of use include indoor and outdoor, the waterproofness of the floor lamination film material is very good, and even when it is dirty, it can be washed directly with water without worrying about the floor lamination film warping or falling off.
floor lamination film can be adapted to most floor decal vinyl materials produced by K2, does not require thermal processing, and can be directly cold-mounted on the floor graphic, the process is simple and there is no danger.
K2 has a variety of styles for different floor graphic materials, including cold lamination film products such as transparent matte, famous super matte, transparent twill, anti-ultraviolet version, etc. We will recommend the most suitable cold lamination film.


Item No. Name Film Liner
FK01 RK10 level anti-slip floor graphic laminate film 200micron 140g paper
FK02 Matte anti-damage floor graphic laminate film 200micron 140g paper


Cold lamination film specially used for floor graphic materials
Anti-skid level of TUV R10, preventing pedestrians and vehicles from slipping
Ultra-thick anti-damage protective film, 200mic thick material
Compatible with most printable floor decal materials on the market
Waterproof material, universal for indoor and outdoor use, washable with water
Transparent matte, transparent ultra-matte, transparent twill, and other different styles
Cold lamination film, no heat processing required, safe to use
2 years of indoor and outdoor service life

Floor graphics lamination     Lamination film for floor decals
                     Floor graphics lamination                                                      Lamination film for floor decals

Twill lamination film     Graphics lamination film
                        Twill lamination film                                                               Graphics lamination film

Usage area

Retail environments

Floor lamination film can be used in retail settings to create eye-catching displays and signage, and can help to guide customers through the store.

Events and exhibitions

Floor lamination film is often used at events and exhibitions to create temporary branding and signage, and can help to direct attendees and create a cohesive look.

Public spaces

Floor lamination film can be used in public spaces such as parks, plazas, and transit stations to create wayfinding signage, safety messages, and other visual cues.

Manufacturing and warehouse settings

Floor lamination film can be used in manufacturing and warehouse settings to create safety markings, guide traffic flow, and identify storage areas.

Schools and universities

Floor lamination film can be used in educational settings to create directional signage, safety markings, and visual cues to help students navigate the campus.


Unsuitable surfaces

It is important to avoid using floor lamination film on surfaces that are not clean, dry, or free of debris, as this can prevent the film from adhering properly.

Incompatible surfaces

Floor lamination film may not adhere properly to certain surfaces, such as porous or rough surfaces, so it is important to ensure that the surface is suitable for the intended application.

Improper installation

Improper installation, such as failing to remove air bubbles or not applying the film evenly, can also affect the adhesion and durability of floor lamination film. It is therefore important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for installation.

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What is floor lamination film?

Floor lamination film is a transparent protective film that is designed to be applied over floor graphics or decals to protect them from wear and tear.

What are the benefits of using floor lamination film?

The benefits of using floor lamination film include increased durability, protection against wear and tear, improved slip resistance, and ease of maintenance.

What surfaces can floor lamination film be applied to?

Floor lamination film can be applied to a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, tile, and vinyl.

Is floor lamination film waterproof?

Yes, most floor lamination films are waterproof and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

Does floor lamination film affect the appearance of the surface underneath?

No, floor lamination film is transparent and does not affect the appearance of the surface on it is applied.

Is the TUV R10 anti-skid level of floor lamination film products very high?

Yes, the larger the number, the higher the anti-skid level. K2 can also provide advanced anti-skid and wear-resistant materials, and the anti-skid level is at R12 and R13 levels.

Can floor lamination film material be used alone?

Generally speaking, floor lamination film is used together with printable floor decal materials. If you want to know whether it can be used alone, you can consult K2's salesman for more information.

Can floor lamination film be purchased for testing?

certainly. K2 supports sample service, we welcome customers to purchase products for testing and communicate product features with us.

Can it be printed on transparent floor lamination film?

floor lamination film supports a transparent protective cold lamination film, which is not printable by itself, if you need a transparent matte printable vinyl roll, you can contact the salesman of K2, and we will introduce our other transparent printable vinyl to your product.

How long can I receive the goods after placing the order?

K2 There is no inventory, and the products are produced according to the customer's order; therefore, there will be a 15-25 production period after the order is placed; the transportation period will fluctuate according to the transportation method and distance, if you want to know the detailed date For arrangement, you can ask K2 salesman.

What should I do if the product has quality problems?

Although the possibility of quality problems is minimal, K2 has always been a responsible company. Please contact us within 24 days of receiving the goods and explain the product quality problems. K2's salesman will provide corresponding solutions.