Neon vinyl

● Bold Color: Neon vinyl's fluorescent dyes reflect more light, making them clearly visible from a distance.
● Outdoor use: Neon vinyl will withstand exposure to sunlight and environmental elements without fading or losing brightness.
● Easy to cut: Neon vinyl can be cut to any size or shape, perfect for any project.
● Cost-effective: Neon vinyl is a smart investment for businesses looking for durable, eye-catching signage.
● Multiple Colors: Neon vinyl can be easily customized with designs and logos to showcase your brand and promote your products or services.


K2 neon adhesive vinyl is a kind of self-adhesive color vinyl. But it is a little different from the general colors of cut vinyl. The material and usage of neon vinyl are the same as ordinary color sign-making film, with permanent adhesive; the only difference is that its color is much brighter.
K2 is a professional manufacturer of neon vinyl films, fluorescent stickers, neon sign vinyl materials, and neon adhesive vinyl. The product uses a unique colorant system, with excellent visual appeal and excellent opacity, which can provide vivid graphic effects.
Neon color vinyl is very suitable for advertising and decoration purposes. It can be used for vinyl cutting plotters, letter and pattern cutting, indoor and outdoor graphic poster signs, wall and glass decoration, home decoration, furniture, car decals, etc.
The neon adhesive vinyl can be used in many applications, including windows, car decals, signs, templates, scrapbooking, or any permanent application.
It can be used indoors, but its waterproof and weatherproof properties make it an ideal choice for outdoor applications process vinyl. If you are interested, please contact us for free.

Bold and Vivid Colors

Neon vinyl lettering films are available in a wide range of bright and vibrant colors that can help your business stand out from the competition. The fluorescent dye used in neon vinyl reflects more light than traditional vinyl, making it highly visible even from a distance. This makes neon vinyl lettering wrap perfect for creating attention-grabbing signage and advertising materials that are sure to catch the eye of potential customers.

Easy to cut

Neon vinyl lettering stickers can be cut to any size or shape, making them perfect for any project. Whether you're looking to create large window graphics or small promotional stickers, neon vinyl lettering film can be customized to suit your needs. They can also be easily removed or replaced, making them a flexible and convenient choice for businesses that need to update their signage and advertising materials regularly.

Easy to Install

Neon vinyl lettering wraps are easy to install and can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, including walls, windows, vehicles, and more. They come with a strong adhesive backing that ensures they stay in place once applied. This makes them a great choice for businesses that want to create their own signage and advertising materials without the need for professional installation.

Durable and Weather-Resistant

Neon vinyl lettering stickers are designed to withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, and other environmental factors without fading or losing their brightness. This makes them a cost-effective choice for businesses looking for long-lasting signage and advertising materials that can withstand the elements. Neon vinyl lettering films are also resistant to scratches and other types of damage, ensuring that they look great for years to come.


Neon vinyl lettering wraps can be cut to any size or shape, making them perfect for any project. Whether you're looking to create large window graphics or small promotional stickers, neon vinyl lettering wrap can be customized to suit your needs. They can also be easily removed or replaced, making them a flexible and convenient choice for businesses that need to update their signage and advertising materials regularly.


Item No.


Face Film



neon adhesive vinyl


120g paper


Premium neon adhesive vinyl


140g paper



Technical data

No. Neon adhesive vinyl
Product Usage Glass window/door
Application Surface Glossy
Width 49in (1.24m)
Length 50yd (45.7m)
Core Size 3 in
Imaging Method No Printable
Interior/Exterior Exterior/interior
Film type Glossy
Film color Glossy
Product Usage Glass window/door
Adhesive type Super high strong solvent adhesive
Adhesive color Neon adhesive vinyl
Service Life Over 2 years
TDS Required Yes
Surface Finish Clear glossy
Warranty Eligible for K2 Warranty


Bright and vibrant colors
Can be used both indoors and outdoors
Easy to cut and weed
The large format can be customized in size
waterproof and weatherproof
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
permanent adhesive
Compatible with vinyl-cutting plotters
Ideal for advertising and decorative purposes
Perfect for windows, car decals, signs, stencils, scrapbooking, and more

Neon  vinyl     neon green vinyl
                                             Neon  vinyl                                                                                              neon green vinyl

neon vinyl wrap     Neon pink vinyl
                                          neon vinyl wrap                                                                                                Neon pink vinyl

Usage area

Signage and Advertising

Neon vinyl is great for creating eye-catching signs and advertising materials that stand out.

Window Displays

Neon vinyl can be used to create striking window displays that attract customers.

Vehicle Wraps and Decals

Neon vinyl is perfect for adding a pop of color to vehicles, including cars, trucks, and boats.

Home and Interior Design

Neon vinyl can be used to add a bold and colorful touch to home decor, including walls, furniture, and accessories.

Events and Parties

Neon vinyl is popular for creating decorations and accessories for parties, festivals, and events.

Art and Craft Projects

Neon vinyl can be used for a wide range of art and craft projects, including scrapbooking, card making, and vinyl lettering.

Clothing and Fashion

Neon vinyl can be used to create unique and colorful designs on clothing and accessories, including t-shirts, hats, and bags.


Temperature Limits

Neon vinyl should not be exposed to high temperatures, such as in a heat press or dryer, as this can damage the vinyl and cause it to melt or deform.

Surface Compatibility

Neon vinyl may not adhere well to certain surfaces, such as textured or porous materials, so it is important to test the vinyl on a small area before applying it to a larger surface.

Why chose us

K2 believes that even if we have good intentions if we do not have good research and development ability, we still can’t meet the special requirements of customers and can’t catch the new market opportunity, thus we won’t grow. Therefore, we not only set up our R&D center but also established good relations with several university research institutions and third-party cooperative companies. And we pushed into the market many new good products, for example, the Road sticker, the first Cast graphics vinyl, and the first printable mirror metallic film, etc. We’d like to share our R&D ability with our customers to grow together.
K2 believes that the product itself is a kind of service, but the product itself is not equal to the whole service. We believe that service is not just about sales man or sales department, but about all K2 team. So, choosing K2 is equal to choosing a team to serve you.
The certificate does not represent the whole of our capability but is part of the approval of 3rd party organizations. Therefore, we provide the following certificates for your reference: Reach SVHC, CA65, SGS ROHS, HP Latex, and TUV anti-slipping level. If you need special certificates for your customized products, we are willing to provide customization for you. Just contact with K2 sales team and you'll get feedback quickly.

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Please show us the sample size which you want online now by WhatsApp: +86 13003113021, or email You can get an immediate reply from our team.

How to buy

You can contact K2 Sales online to get immediate service or send an email to, you will get feedback from the Sales team within 2 hours. They will work out a solution for you on how to buy, no matter whether you are in small batches large batches or even a trial order of 1 roll.


What is neon vinyl?

Neon vinyl is a type of self-adhesive vinyl that has a bright, fluorescent color.

What is neon vinyl used for?

Neon vinyl is used for a variety of applications, including signage, advertising, vehicle wraps, home decor, and more.

Is neon vinyl waterproof?

Yes, neon vinyl is waterproof and weatherproof, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Can neon vinyl be used on windows?

Yes, neon vinyl is commonly used for window displays and decals.

How do you cut neon vinyl?

Neon vinyl can be cut using a vinyl cutting machine or by hand with a craft knife.

How do you apply neon vinyl?

Neon vinyl is applied using a transfer tape or paper to transfer the vinyl design onto the desired surface.

How long does neon vinyl last?

Neon vinyl can last for several years with proper installation and maintenance.

How do you remove neon vinyl?

Neon vinyl can be removed using heat, such as with a hair dryer or heat gun, and a scraping tool.

What are the advantages of using neon vinyl?

Some advantages of neon vinyl include bright and vibrant colors, durability, versatility, and suitability for indoor and outdoor use.

Can neon vinyl be used for clothing?

Not for use with clothing.

Is neon vinyl reflective?

Neon vinyl is usually not reflective, but some varieties may be slightly reflective.

What is the difference between neon vinyl and regular vinyl?

Neon vinyl is a type of vinyl that comes in fluorescent colors, while regular vinyl comes in a range of standard colors.

How do you store neon vinyl?

Neon vinyl should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat to prevent fading or damage.

More about K2?

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