Clothing name labels

● A stick-on name labels for clothing material
● Super strong self-adhesive, No iron, no sew
● Washable and waterproof clothing label material, can be washed over 30 times in the washing machine and dryer without falling off
● Personalized clothing name labels for kids, nursing, home, school, camp, and other intimate clothing tags
● Besides name labels for clothing, this stick-on label can be used on shoe uppers, gift boxes, luggage, and other surfaces
● Printable, compatible with Eco-solvent, UV, Latex ink and printers
● Multi-certified safe and environmentally friendly materials, ROHS, Reach, CPC kids safe, and water safe certifications.
● Free Samples are available. Get a Quote/Sample


Stick on, Non-iron

TK01 stick name labels for clothing materianonironn iron, no sew, super high tack self-adhesive, washable printable vinyl material which focuses focus. This printable name label film material is focused on the personalized non-iron clothing label market, especially the clothing tags for school, home, and camp, nursing.

Super strong glue

This printable name tag sticker can be pasted directly on the clothes without sewing or ironing. Very easy to install and move easily. Because of the ultra-high strong permanent adhesive, this name label stick can be adapted to most of the clothing tags fabric directly.


Considering the washing needs of clothes, this printable name stick labeled l can be washed by the washing machine and dryer, and after many actual tests by K2 lab, the washing machine and dryer will not make the label fall off even over 30 times.

Safe certifications

This washable clothing label material is more used on the clothing of kids and nursing, so this clothing label is made of safe and environmentally friendly materials and has passed multiple safety certifications such as EU Reach, CA Prop65, ROHS, and CPC kids safe. So you can rest assured It is safe to use on the clothing fabric tags of children and the elderly, even if it is used next to the skin.

Easy to install

Compared with ordiron-onron on clothing name tags,stick-onick on clothing name tag stickers solves all the shortcominiron-onron on name stickers for clothes. The iron-on clothes tags are not only inconvenient to install, but also costly. To solve this problem, K2 developed the TK01 prinwashablehsable stick-o name label material for clothing tags.

Environmental friendly

The main feature of this self-adhesive name label sticker roll is the use of environmentally friendly super glue, which can be directly attached to the surface of any object such as cloth and can be easily installed without an iron. Because it uses ultra-soft film and completely environmentally friendly glue, there will be no discomfort after wearing it, and it will not cause any harm to the skin and health.


Printable name label materials support solvent, ECO, UV, Lat, ex ink, and printer, and not picky about printing machines, whether it is a small printer for home or commercial use or a large printing that chine can be adapted for use.

Easy cutting and weeding

TK01 clothing product name brand stickers material are large-format roll, the standard specification is 54" width with 50yard length.  stick-nick on name label material for clothes can be printed with large-format printers such as ECO, Solvent, UV, or HP Latex. It can be cut into any shape with a cutting machine and weeding easily. Due to the special inner tank structure, It fits easily after cutting.


Item No. Name Roll size Face Film Release liner
TK01 Glossy clothing name labels adhesive vinyl 1.37* 50m Vinyl paper
TK01M Matte clothing name stick on adhesive vinyl 1.37* 50m Vinyl paper
Adhesive Features Super strong waterproof adhesive
Application Surface Clothing tags surface
Color Family White
Film thickness 60mic
Liner Release paper
Film Type Polymeric
Ink Solvent, ECO, UV, and Latex
Using area Clothing tags, shoes, gift box, pencils, bag, etc
Overall Length 50m/100m
Overall Width 0.685m/1.37m
Product Color White
Product Usage Clothing tags, Shoes inside, gifts, pens, boxes, etc
Service Life 3years
Packing Carton
Shipping method By sea/air/land
Width 1.37m
Width: 0.685, 1.37m
Length: 50m
Adhesive force: super strong washable and waterproof eco adhesive
Packing: Carton Box
Others: Personalized available



Focus on non-iron and non-sewing clothing tags market as school, home, and nursing.
Waterproof material that can be washed over 30 times in the washer and dryer
Ultra-high stick on self-adhesive, will not fall off after washing and drying
Safe material, multi-party safety certification, can be used for nursing, kids
Transparent adhesive, suitable for a variety of fabric surfaces, clothes, shoe uppers, backpacks, etc.
It can be directly pasted on the surface of clothing and can touch the skin
Soft and smooth, can be applied to soft uneven fabrics
Printable materials, support solvent, ECO, UV, latex, and other printing

Name label sticker film     Self-adhesive clothing label
                                  Name label sticker film                                                                                  Self-adhesive clothing label

Cloth name label sticker     Self-adhesive clothing label
                                   Cloth name label sticker                                                                                 Self-adhesive clothing label


Shelf life

3 years in the material’s original packaging, a storage temperature of 15-22 deg C, relative humidity of 5055%
If you want to find more solutions about no iron, no sew, stick on name labels material for clothing labels products, or other K2 products range, please refer to the link:

Clothing name labels can serve a variety of useful purposes beyond simply identifying the owner of a piece of clothing. They can be used in inventory management, event merchandise, employee identification, lost and found, fashion design, baby clothing, costume design, sports gear, uniforms, personalization, marketing and promotion, handmade or DIY clothing, luggage identification, gift giving, fashion rentals, and school uniforms. By providing information about the clothing item or its owner, clothing name labels can help businesses, individuals, and organizations manage their clothing more effectively and create a more professional and personalized look.


Clothing name labels can be used to identify uniforms in a variety of settings, such as school Uniformshealthcare, hospitality, and public safety. Labels can include employee names, titles, and departments, ensuring that each employee is easily identifiable and promoting a professional image.


Clothing name labels can be used in nursing homes or hospitals to label clothing and personal items with the patient's or resident's name. This can help prevent lost or misplaced items.

Baby Clothing

Clothing name labels can be used to help identify baby clothing and personal items in daycare or at home, and can also include allergy or medical information.

Fashion Rentals

Clothing name labels can be used to label rented clothing items, such as formalwear or costumes, with renter information, helping to ensure that items are returned on time and in good condition.


Clothing name labels can be customized with a variety of information, including names, phone numbers, and logos. This allows them to be used in a wide range of settings and for a variety of purposes.

About sample

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How to buy

You can contact K2 Sales online to get immediate service or send an email to, you will get feedback from the Sales team within 2 hours. They will work out a solution for you on how to buy, no matter whether you are in small batches large batches or even a trial order of 1 roll.


What size are the printed labels?

The standard width of K2 name label material for clothing is 1.27m/1.37m/1.52m, and the length is 50m/100m

Can I choose samples of these name-label products before purchasing a product?

Yes, of course. K2 very welcomes customers to choose our samples for testing. We provide free samples.

 This label material is bonded by waterproof glue, will it fall off very easily? 

TK01 is equipped with a very strong adhesive, and it can be adapted to most fabric surfaces such as clothing tags on the market, and the sticking is firm and does not easy to fall off. After over 30times washing and drying tests, it will not fall off even after repeated use in the washing machine and dryer.

 Do I need additional heat or iron to fix or suture after applying the label? 

unnecessary. K2's self-adhesive labels are a stick-on type name sticker material. These name labels can adhere to clothing tags very firmly.

Can you support bank payment?

Yes. K2 supports most bank transfers and can choose different payment methods according to customer needs.

How long is the lead time of the product?

K2's products are all produced according to customer orders, so we have no stock. According to the quantity and type of orders, the delivery time is about 15 days.

Underwear, can children also use it?

Yes. Underwear can also be used, TK01 products have many safety certifications, Safe material, Certifications: EU Reach, CA Prop65, and ROHS
Even little ones and old people can use these clothing tags for shoe uppers, gifts, pens, boxes, and more.

Why choose us

1. Certifications
Because TK01 is aimed at the clothing label name sticker market, it will directly touch the human skin. Furthermore, it is designed to be washed by washing machine and dryer. TK01 uses natural and pure environmentally friendly material, thus it won’t cause any harm to the environment or the human body. We provide REACH, ROHS, and Ca Prop65 certificates to prove its commitment.
2. Who are TK01’s target customers
We are the raw material manufacturer. Our target customers are sticker-making companies or raw material distributors.
3. Quality
High tack with cost sensitivity means low quality?  No.
K2’s 40 strict quality controlling items ensure that the products can be controlled under the design standards. Raw material, production process, packaging, transportation, and customization are all under control. Quality and stability are always our first and most important items.
4. Are Customized products supported?
Sure. We have the ability and willingness to customize your products based on your requirement, and to grow with you. Please contact with K2 sales team for more support.
5. What more can I get?
Our philosophy is that a sample is not just a sample, and the goods are not just the goods themselves. What you can get is not just from the salesperson, but from the whole K2 team. The sales are just the person who you connect with, the whole K2 team will serve you. If you want to solve technical problems, K2’s engineers will support you. If you want your customized product, K2’s R&D center will serve you. Professional service is one of K2’s core competencies.