Great K2 Industry Limited


Pre-checking Raw Materials

Based on 40items quality controlling standard, we have the strict checking process for all raw materials. The raw material checking items cover film thickness, film weight, Anti-tearing tension, Ink absorption, color tolerance, flatness etc, and the paper gram weight, SA value, Anti-curling degree, thickness etc, and the glue testing. The stable quality begins from the strict raw material checking process.


Coating Process

The production process is our primary controlling process. Our quality control principle is that all products can be traced to worker, equipment, technical process and making time. Based on different product, we have different technical treating files, from coating speed, oven temperature, glue thickness, release force, viscosity, Anti-curling degree and printing retesting after coating, we have strict control standard and process to ensure a stable and high quality product.


Offline Testing

20 items testing before re-rolling is a key factor to ensure the final product is qualified. At this stage, we will carry out a series of tests such as keeping force, 180 degree peeling force, 24-hour peeling force, initial adhesion force, 70 degree 7-day removability, Anti-curling, Anti-aging, Anti-fading, edging rate, flatness and so on, thus to ensure that we can finally give customers a qualified product.



Re-rolling is the last quality control process of finished products. We will make sure that the products with quality problems will be classified into defective products and won’t be entered the normal product stock. And also carry out strict controlling on the joint rate of each box product, and other control items cover core shrink rate, material width tolerance, label sticking position, product batch number sticking etc.



Plastic holder with strong carton box very supportive during long time shipping either by air or on water. Anti-humidity bag, with pressure resistant protection materials.



High level polywood pallet, stackable, suitable for complex occasion during shipping and storage.

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